9 Free Dating Sites and Apps When You're Quarantined

Free Dating Sites and Apps Self-isolation and the news about the coronavirus are driving us crazy. The lack of communication is taking its toll on all of us. No more smoking breaks with colleagues. Dates in coffee shops and gatherings in bars with friends for an indefinite period – so-so prospect. We have collected 9 ideas that will help you make new acquaintances even in self-isolation and save you from. The eternal question “what to do in quarantine”, and then who knows where it will lead you…


Let’s start with the most famous smartphone app, Tinder. The mechanism of work here is simple: upload a couple of your photos. Add a few lines about yourself – and you can start searching.

Some of the functions are paid, but – surprise – everything works fine without them. The application is based on geolocation: first you will be shown who is closest.

By the way, due to the pandemic. Tinder provides free access to DilMil dating at any distance, and after the borders are opened. It will be possible to rush to a real date in Vienna or Stockholm. Swipe to the right of those who like, if the likes match. The opportunity to chat will open. And no one will know about the mismatch. So self-esteem will not suffer. And let’s agree: all offline dates will be after self-isolation, okay?

2. Badoo

Another veteran among dating apps. It works like an old-school dating site: fill out a form, add a photo and look for interlocutors by geolocation and interests. The audience here is mostly older than on Tinder. And, of course, part of the functionality is paid, but you can manage without it.

9 Free Dating Sites and Apps When You're Quarantined3. Online games

When, if not in quarantine, to sit at a computer or set-top box for hours without remorse? To chat at the same time, we choose multiplayer online games: at least the good old Lineage II, at least Animal Crossing, the hit of all Twitter. You will have to buy a Nintendo Switch for it, but the game is worth it: here you can visit and go fishing, and the most advanced even celebrate birthdays and weddings here. DilMil.Co Well, how can you resist? The whole game is a continuous mi-mi-mi, which will melt the heart of even a harsh Ural man.

4. Online bar

We have already talked about it – the STAYTHEHOME online bar was launched by guys from St. Petersburg. By default, there are only two rooms – Russian-speaking and English-speaking, but you can create your own room with friends. However, it seems to us that all the charm is in a random interlocutor “at the bar” – who knows with whom fate will push you and what can come out of random conversations with strangers.


In self-isolation, there is time to turn your profile into a real blog and make new acquaintances at the same time. Share creativity through photos, builds and live broadcasts, subscribe to interesting people. An indisputable advantage of social networks is that, by looking through the profile, you can learn a lot about the interlocutor.

6 Lumen – Free Dating Sites and Apps

If you are in your 20s or 30s, skip this step. Lumen is an app for dating adults, the developers themselves write that their audience is 50+. So we don’t recommend it to all young quivering creatures – you may well stumble upon the profile of your divorced mother or lonely grandfather. But if you are over 50, you should definitely take a closer look – finding adequate interlocutors here is clearly easier and more pleasant than in Odnoklassniki.

7. Twitch – Free Dating Sites and Apps

If you are already doing something well, share it with others on streams (video). You can, of course, stream the passage of the game, but you can demonstrate the process of cooking your favorite dish or wallpapering – there are connoisseurs of any content.

8. Religious dating apps – Free Dating Sites and Apps

We all know what you sometimes see when you get a photo from a stranger on a dating app. Fortunately, there are platforms for other categories of users. Depending on the preferred denomination, you can choose an application with the desired audience, for example, Muzmatch is intended for Muslims.

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In addition to the usual filters, the application has a confession filter and even the option to hide photos. An observer is even allowed to join your conversation with a possible partner – usually users choose close people: sisters and brothers, parents. There are similar applications for Christians who want love – Salt, and for romantic Jews – JDate.

9. Online courses – Free Dating Sites and Apps

You can combine business with pleasure if the course is group. We choose the right direction – since now many sites and portals have opened free access – and go ahead.

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