Relationship Doubts and Concerns - What Should I Do (2)

Sometimes You Wonder: Relationship Doubts and Concerns

Is this the right person? Could my relationship be better? Could I / could I be happier / happier? Shouldn’t it be easier? What if there’s something Relationship Doubts and Concerns better for me? Is this really what I always wanted / wanted? What if my partner / mate is not really the “one” / “the one”? Is this the right time to move on? Is this a reason to break up? Doubts are normal and inevitable. But what you choose to do with them is key to their impact on your relationship.

Relationship Concerns – What Do They Mean?

I don’t know if it will comfort you, but you are not alone in questioning aspects of your relationship.

Doubts are natural. Why? Because doubt is the answer to change .When something changes in our lives and we are not sure what will happen next, we may have doubts.

The second reason for raising doubts is the answer to problems that arise in the relationship. What problems are we talking about? Below, I present the most common problems that are the basis of emerging, often tiring doubts, and I make a reservation that this list is not exhaustive.

Cheater Syndrome

You know the cheat syndrome? A non-stop successful person struggles with the feeling that their achievements are not real or important, and that their lack of talent or knowledge will eventually emerge. If you’ve ever wondered: Do I really deserve this raise, promotion or promotion? , then the impostor syndrome also applies to you. In a relationship, the “cheater phenomenon” occurs when, SharekAlomre despite the signs that the relationship is good and harmonious, you are afraid and have constant doubts.

Your fear

Doubts can hide fear. It is often a fear of intimacy and closeness. If you have doubts about every step towards a more committed relationship and you are wondering, for example, if this is the right person for you, it’s time to take a look at yourself and your blockages when it comes to love.


For example, if you’re afraid of the next stage in a relationship, doubts can be a way to sabotage the relationship and push the person you love away. Self-sabotage is less pronounced than the typical anxiety response, which may be easier to spot.


Sometimes doubts are also linked to the past. If you’ve met emotionally inaccessible people before, you may doubt that your partner really loves you. You can also doubt your partner’s Relationship Doubts and Concerns honesty if you have been cheated in a previous relationship.

Mirror reflection

Doubts about your partner can also be your own doubts about yourself – you will doubt your partner’s love if you lack love or care for yourself.

Relationship Doubts – Where Do They Come From?

Romantic doubts are normal and come and go no matter what stage of your relationship you are in. Of course – as I mentioned above – their main causes are change or specific problems, but there are factors that can additionally strengthen them. Below are some of them:

  1. Stressful environment

Stress is the main toxin in our lives and seems to be one of the most inevitable parts of our lives. Often, to prepare for challenges, we fall into a state of constant expectation of the worst, Relationship Doubts and Concerns and therefore more prone to questioning our relationships, even those that do not have clear indications.

  1. External pressure

Sometimes it is the outside world that leads to doubts. If your relationship has to cope with a lot of pressure from friends and family (or even your career) – do an examination of conscience and think about whose expectations are not met: yours or those of your surroundings?

  1. Bad partner choice

We often have doubts about our partners because we simply chose the wrong person based on fear that I might not meet anyone else , or that I prefer to be with someone other than alone / alone .

  1. No concern for the relationship 

When you are with the right person, you can still deal with doubts, especially after being together for several years. Doubts about the relationship arise most often between partners who do not intentionally care to maintain emotional closeness and the foundation of friendship in the relationship.

There are doubts in the relationship – how to proceed?

If you have doubts in your current relationship and you don’t know how to chase away tiresome analyzes, I have two tasks for you to start with:

  • Recognize what you want

Many doubts have less to do with the other person and more to do with you, and not knowing what you really want deep in your heart. Take the time to recognize your desires and needs in your relationship – be it through journaling, meditation, coaching, or anything else that will help you access your inner self and innermost thoughts.

  • Recognize your pattern

Is doubt something you’ve felt in each of your relationships? Relationship Doubts and Concerns If so, it is high time to identify the source of such a pattern, not to analyze the relationship itself. It’s time to get to the bottom of the problem and get a real answer to the question: What am I afraid of in love, closeness, commitment, commitments, etc.?

Relationship Doubts – Is It a Reason for Breaking Up?

Doubts are just part of our nature, but there are some that should lead to a deeper analysis and to wonder if this relationship is really for you.

Here are a few objections in your relationship that you should never, under any circumstances, ignore (of course, this list may be completely different for you):

  • lack of physical and / or emotional attraction,
  • crossing borders / humiliating,
  • disloyalty,
  • lack of trust,
  • differences in values,
  • lack of a shared vision of a relationship / life.

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Sometimes doubts are just a reaction to changes as they happen, and sometimes your gut feelings are actually trying to tell you something by raising your inner red flags. In any case, being open and honest with yourself and then your partner is crucial. Doubt does not necessarily mean the end of the relationship, but it always signals that it is time to talk to yourself honestly.

If you need support, because you have a lot of doubts that have been bothering you for a long time, check the available dates for an initial, free consultation.

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