What is Friendship - What Feelings Make us Talk About it

It is said that no man is a lonely island. What is Friendship Each of us needs the other person to survive. Even if we think we are 100% self-sufficient, eventually comes the moment that we need TripTogether another human being. It happens in various situations: when it comes to work, health or services that we use on a daily basis.

Often, it is the other person who gives us advice, does work that we cannot do, or helps us get up when we fall and hurt ourselves. These simple examples show that sometimes we don’t even realize how much depends on other people and not ourselves. It can be the same with friendship. It may seem to us that we are not good friends and do not want to have friends ourselves. This may be because we’ve had a bad experience so far, someone hurt us, or we’ve failed the other person. Sometimes it is our parents and elderly family members who convince us that we cannot trust anyone but ourselves. But are you sure?

What is Friendship?

According to the definition of the PWN Polish dictionary, “friendship is a close, cordial relationship with someone based on mutual kindness and trust.” In fact, this definition covers all of the essentials. However, each of us may understand friendship differently. It must be admitted, however, that true friendship differs from ordinary acquaintance. In friendship, the bond between two people is stronger and more lasting. Friends know and understand each other well, often almost speechless. True friendship is a precious and important relationship. The definition of true friendship in each person’s head may sound completely different. There seem, however, to be some common characteristics of true friendship that can be called its determinants.

What is friendship? Main features.

One of the first things that comes to mind when you think about friendship is honesty. Only friends seem to be honest with each other and do not take offense at each other when they hear an uncomfortable truth. Everyone makes mistakes and it is often a friend who can make us realize that we are doing wrong. There are also quarrels in friendship, but conflicts that arise are resolved fairly quickly. This is because true friends know each other well and learn to ease conflicts with each other over time. 

When it comes to friendship, another important issue comes to mind, which is trust. Friendship is about being able to entrust secrets to another person without hesitation. A true friend should keep secrets and give good advice. Trusting a friend gives you a sense of security. And as you know, each of us wants to feel safe. In friendship, we can find what we are looking for. Forbearance is also important in friendship. TripTogether A friend is a person we can confide in, and we can be sure that we will be heard and understood. Friends empathize with the other person’s feelings and emotions, often experiencing their problems as their own.

Friendship should bring us peace and joy. In friendly relations, it is very important to support and lift the other person’s spirit. It is known that everyone has difficult times at times. In friendship, it is important not to become even more sad, it is worth looking for solutions to problems and giving hope.

What is Friendship - What Feelings Make us Talk About it?It is a Strong Foundation for Building a Relationship.

There are different types of friendship. Among the various definitions, we can find those about friendship, e.g. in the family: between parents and children, or between siblings. This type of friendship is very important and is based on many years of knowing the other person. It is similar with relationships that last from an early age. It happens that friends who met while still at school maintain friendly relationships for many years, also in adulthood. Different things are said about the friendship between a man and a woman. There are supporters and opponents. Some people believe that sooner or later love will turn from such a friendship.

This is not always the case, but a true friendship can be a strong foundation for a successful relationship. Why? Friends know each other well and know how to deal with the other person in different situations. Although, in friendship, the duration of the relationship is not important. It happens that two people establish an understanding very quickly and their friendship quickly tightens. Some people take years to build friendships. No matter how long we form a friendship – it can start a good relationship.

A Relationship – What are Our Feelings Then?

Friendship in a relationship is an important part of a relationship. Being together is not only about physicality and desire. A relationship built on friendship is about more than sex. It is important to feel good in this relationship, regardless of the situation. Our partner should be with us in good and bad times. Not only when we are joyful and want to get closer. There are different situations in every person’s life – random, health, mental … In each of them it is good to have the support of the closest person. 

By building a relationship on friendship, we are sure that over time we will not run out of topics for conversation. Shared passions or interests help strengthen bonds. Therefore, a relationship built on friendship gives partners something more. In such a relationship, after the first raptures and months of the so-called idyll, boredom and parting do not come. Relationships built on friendships are usually more durable because partners have a lot in common: they’ve been through a lot together, they’ve had various conversations, conflicts, good and bad times. In a relationship based on friendship, it is easier to reach an understanding. In such a relationship, we don’t have to worry about the future. 

We should also not doubt how the other person will behave in difficult times. It is known that each of us has different weaknesses. Good friends know this and will not allow disagreements or life difficulties to end the relationship. After all, friendship is about learning to listen – every day anew. It is therefore also an important point. We don’t always have to agree with the other person, it’s important that we are able to listen and communicate our needs. In being with another person, a sense of security is important.

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For everyone, friendship can mean something different. Each of us may also have different expectations about a relationship. The combination of friendship and love is not always easy, but it does seem to be a good and important combination. Understanding and supporting one another gives a sense of confidence and persistence. When a relationship gives us wings, we can do more. After all, none of us would like an unhappy life. A relationship based on friendship gives opportunities for mutual development and growth. It should be like that in the life of every human being. It is not about building something by force.

There is no point in being in a relationship where there is no room for our personal passions and needs. A true friend will understand what is important to us and will support us in our decisions. It’s best when we feel the same in a relationship – stability, loyalty and support. It is easier to go through life with such a person by your side. Finding the right person is not always easy. It’s worth looking for. Maybe it is closer than we think?

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